RUNESICAL From Giggle Mug - My Review

RUNESICAL From Giggle Mug - My Review
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By Tim Todd 

If you know me, you’d know I'm no gamer. I'm a massive theatre geek, so I was a bit unsure when I first started to watch Runesical, a musical about a computer game you might have heard of called “RuneScape”. If you were unsure, there was no need as Gigglemug’s funny adaption  kept me hooked throughout. 

Runesical is a great musical in its own right and you know what makes it better? It's entirely online and you watch it on YouTube anytime you would like. I would 100% recommend you do. 

The thing is you'd want to watch Runesical more than once as the thing is you can choose your own adventure, writing your own musical. At the end of each short video, you can choose a choice. From around 20 videos in total you get to watch about seven, meaning there are a number of other options you can try out. 

The songs in this musical are fun and fit with each scene and help move the story along. The cast are made up of actor-musicians and use just a number of instruments. 

If you're looking for an hour or so of fun entertainment I would suggest you watch it. Gigglemug has done a fabulous job with this show bringing the world of gaming into theatre. 

Rating 4 Stars 

If you fancy going on a quest with Lance_054 and the gang, here’s the link: